Author Releases Memoir of Squaw Valley

A hauntingly beautiful memoir of humor, grace, and failed rescues, Killing Penelope by Kimball Converse Pier, a resident of Truckee, California, was recently released by Lucky Bat Books.

In Kimball’s memoir of a family torn apart and her struggles with a wild and eccentric mother, the author eloquently expresses herself around issues we can all relate to: a broken family, mental illness, depression, drug addiction, sexuality, all with her beloved Squaw Valley as the backdrop.


Penelope, Kimball’s mother, was different than other mothers of the 1960s. Instead of dresses and heals, she wore Levi’s and men’s shirts, and she held a shotgun with more comfort than she held her baby girl. Kimball’s father, Gardiner, a Harvard educated physician, was devoted to Penelope, but although she loved Gardiner, it was not enough to give up her Swiss lesbian lover, Helene. Penelope became very ill when Kimball was eight and Gardiner left abruptly when Kimball was twelve. Penelope, although weakened by disease, packed up her Porsche, and she and Kimball left the only home Kimball had ever known. Life with Penelope was frightening and unpredictable, as Kimball tried desperately to save Penelope, who succumbed to addiction, depression, and recurring bouts of illness.

This intimate portrayal of retrieving grace and gratitude from the despair of loss, invites readers to reconcile with their own losses and times of struggle, and to see themselves as heroes and heroines in their own lives.

Author Biography
Kimball Converse Pier earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, her masters in marriage and family therapy at Seattle Pacific University, and her Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute in depth psychology. In 2010, she founded Sierra Agape Therapeutic Services, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering a range of healing services, including individual and family therapy, divorce and parenting mediation, body work, and spiritual practices. She has two children whom she considers her most precious gifts.

Killing Penelope is currently available on Amazon in both print and ebook.

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