Kimball Converse Pier spent her childhood in the mountains of Squaw Valley, California. But her idyllic life shattered and after many painful and traumatic years, she dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen. Her mother had died, and her had father left her on her own. After two years of living dangerously, she decided to put herself on the path of self-love rather than self-destruction.

At eighteen, she entered Sierra Junior College, and was invited to join the women’s cross-country running team. Although reluctant, she discovered the transformative power of running was a conduit to uncovering a fierceness and focus that would be life changing. She worked her way though school over many years, during which time she was a professional athlete and a mother, eventually earning a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, and then a doctorate in depth psychology. She has since worked in various community-based mental health settings, while also founding and directing Sierra Agape Therapeutic Services, a non-profit organization located in Truckee, California, dedicated to offering a range of healing services, including individual and family therapy, divorce and parenting mediation, body work, and spiritual practices, on a sliding fee basis.

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